Luciane Luthi

Luciane’s insightful experience as a former immigrant who arrived from Brazil to the Canadian lands 19 years ago to live and work as a professional in Human Resources and in the Healthcare Industry, was the great inspiration and motive to start this business. Experienced in people’s relationship and knowledgeable of different cultures complimented her goal to help families, the skilled and ambitious to relocate to a more promising place. Regardless of every individual’s unique case, background, circumstances or obstacles.

During the most recent 5 years, she was dedicated to international recruitment, and she became an expert in immigration to support employers and professionals in the Heath Care industry such as Nurses and other Professionals in the field.

Luciane found happiness in being able to contribute to help professionals to become residents of  Canada’s community and her goal is  continue to help the skilled and passionate to have a life changing opportunity by coming to Canada.

Luciane plans to continue to practice in private immigration consulting, she lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her husband and son from Brazil. Luciane’s license R710402.

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Why Canada?

Canada is on the top of countries that open arms for immigrants from different citizenships, backgrounds and cultures, and offers much great living, work and education opportunities and facilitation for its residents and newcomers.

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