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Luciane works with clients seeking permanent or temporary residence in Canada.  She is experienced with skilled workers trying to secure a provincial nomination and businesses seeking to bring employees to Canada. In addition, She also works with couples and family members looking for representation to the family class sponsorship process.

It is essential to start with your case through an interview, in order to obtain sufficient information so we can assess your situation and counsel you appropriately. Our consultation fee is CAD$150 for one hour of discussion online. All consultations will be done remotely. Consultation fees are charged in the local currency of your country of residence.

If you decide to retain our Immigration services to assist with your application, the fee you have already paid will be discounted from the cost of your service.

We will discuss the details of your situation during a consultation and give you a quote based on your circumstances and number of family members.


We dont provide consultations for questions of how to complete immigration forms or online applications