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Round of Invitations for Permanent Residency

Express Entry is a system created to manage applicants for permanent residency and invite the top applicants to apply for PR. Last round:  January 10, 2024, # of invitations issued: 1,510, lowest score of candidate invited: 546, Candidates for All Programs were eligible ….

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Find Jobs In Canada

Job bank Canada is an employment website used by Canadian Employers and job seekers inside or outside Canada. Obtaining an offer of employment is one of the most helpful ways for you to obtain a work permit in Canada…

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English and French Schools in Canada

English and French are the official languages of Canada. Being able to fluently speak one of these languages will give you an advantage to obtain a job or immigration opportunity in the country…

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Masters and PHD’s Courses in Canada

Obtaining a post secondary degree in Canada is one of the most rewarding abroad experiences and can provide you a valuable career opportunity in Canada or on your home country. Take a look on the Canadian Master’s and PhD programs available… Read More

Scholarship for non canadians in Canada

Did you know that you can apply for Scholarships in Canada as an International Student? Many institutions offer opportunities to support international collaboration in higher education for research, post doctoral and fellow opportunities in Canada. Find yours ….

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Main requirements to live and work in Canada

In order to Immigrate to Canada an applicant needs to meet all the minimum requirements to be eligible, they are mainly: skilled work experience, language ability in English or French and a level of education equal to a completed certificate, diploma or degree equivalent to a Canadian Institution…

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