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When a foreign national applies for a temporary resident visa in conjunction with applying to be a temporary visitor, student or worker, this is sometimes referred to as applying for a visitor visa, student visa or work visa.

All visitors are automatically considered for a multiple-entry TRV valid up to 10 years minus one month, and if the applicant is conferred with visitor status, the applicant is allowed to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

Temporary visitors are not permitted to work or study unless authorized.

Permits Extensions

In cases where an extension application was submitted and date stamped no later than the day the status expires, the foreign national will have implied status until a decision is made. Visitors can continue to stay in Canada and students and workers can continue to study and work.

In most cases, foreign nationals need a “work permit” to work in Canada. Depending on the program for which the temporary resident has applied to come to Canada, they may not need an employment offer to apply for a work permit, for which will be defined as “open work permit”.

Most work permits are quite restrictive: it is normally occupation specific, location specific and employer specific.

Extension of Work Permit

Workers may apply to extend their status if the application is made before the work permit expires and if they have complied with the imposed conditions.

The purpose of the study permit application is to prove that the student meets the requirements, including having been accepted to study at the educational institution and possessing sufficient financial resources to pay the tuition fees, transportation costs to and from Canada and everyday living costs (approximately $20,635 per year).

  • A study permit is not required “if the duration of their course or program of studies is six months or less and will be completed within the period for their stay authorized upon entry into Canada”
  • The study permit is not required if the student has implied studying status as a result of his or her submitting an extension application prior to the current study permit expiring and has remained in Canada since the expiration
Accompany Family Members

Family members may be eligible to be issued open work permits to spouses and common-law partners of full-time foreign students, if eligible, that will allow the spouse or common-law partner to find work with any employer in any occupation and in any location.

Minor children are authorized to study at the preschool, primary or secondary level without study permits when accompanying a parent who is authorized to study in Canada.

Extension of Study Permit

Students may apply to extend their status if the application is made before the study permit expires and if they have complied with the imposed conditions.

TRP is given when a foreign national is inadmissible to Canada. Criminal and health inadmissibility can complicate temporary immigration applications significantly or even cause them to fail. However, applicant can apply for TRV, to enter and study or work in Canada, if they have a reason to travel to Canada that is justified in the circumstances.

Obtaining a temporary resident permit can be difficult because it is highly discretionary. The assistance of an immigration practitioner who is experienced in dealing with inadmissibility is generally recommended.

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